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 We produce top-quality Real Documents and Novelty Documents, Fake Passports & Real Passports. We also provide Counterfeit Notes, Counterfeit Money & Genuine Documents.

With more than 15 000 documents circulating around the world, we offer real and fake passports, identity cards, residence permits, driving licenses, birth certificates as well as other products for quite a few countries such as the USA, Australia, China, Belgium, Brazil, Norway, Canada, Italy, Finland, France, Monaco, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, United-Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Luxembourg, New-Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Vatican City.

We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in the production of passports and other identity documents.


Have you tried many times, but you still can’t pass your driving test? Are you tired of passing driving tests and failing every time? Do you want to buy a real driving license online? We are there to help you and make your life a little bit easier. We are giving you the opportunity to buy a real driving license online without the need to pass another driving test.


We make both real and fake passports, ID cards. These real documents will have all your information checked in the database system of your country. That way, if the document is asked in a police control, all your information will appear correctly in the data verification machine. We can also make fake passports and fake identity cards for some clients who only want to use these papers as a hiding device. Our fake documents look exactly like our real ones, they both contain the same securities. However, the fake document won’t have your information registered in the database system so if you take it out on a police control, it will be revealed that it is fake. We always advise our clients to get real documents to avoid this kind of problem.

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Have you been struggling to buy real documents or fake documents online? Worry no more; we have the best technology to produce quality and genuine documents for all immigrants in different countries. All you need is to contact us any time you need a passports, driving license, Identity Card, or Passports. We offer our services in the majority of the European, Asian, and African countries among other parts of the world. If you are traveling to countries in those areas, you can always trust us to help you get essential documents. We make quick deliveries to all documents you order since we understand the need and urgency of these documents.

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